Let´s hunt treasures!

Would you like to introduce ICT in your ESL classes and you do not know how? Would you like to implement other kind of activities to achieve your students are more motivated in class? Do you know the real meaning of “treasure hunt”? Keep reading if you want to hunt your students...

The treasure hunt is a very interesting and fun way to learn in any subject. In your case, learners can improve their communicative skills.

It is very easy, you just need to find a good topic, plan questions about it, think of a "Big question" (remember its answer must not be found in any website because it is used to know whether your students have learnt and understood the topic) and facilitate a list of interesting links to find the answers to the questions (maybe, you just need one link to develop your activity). Do not forget to adjust the topic, the links, the directions, the vocabulary and the grammatical uses to your students´ knowledges and abilities.

Below you have an interesting treasure hunt sample on Spanish National Library aimed at Superior High School students. If you like, you can download it and put it into practice in your ESL class or invent a similar activity based on the website of your own national library. Enjoy hunting with your learners!