Did you know...

Symbaloo and its educational version, SymbalooEDU, are perfect bookmarks for teachers so they organize and share interesting contents of the Internet with their students and therefore a good PLE samples. Haven´t you used it yet? What are you waiting for? Have a look!

Personal Learning Environments (or PLE) are systems that help users/students, to take control and manage their own learning. Nowadays, the context where is developed the great majority of our PLE is changing and the Internet is becoming increasingly important. Because of this, Symbaloo is the perfect tool to manage your favourite sites about a very different topics.

However, our society demands that people update their knowledge and our students adquire a key competence: learning to learn. This capacity for continuous and autonomous learning will depend a lot on skills related to searching, filtering and processing of information.

Internet searching has become an increasingly complex activity... on the one hand the amount of information is multiplied every day, and on the other, Internet has gone from being a computers network where knowledgeable people in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) uploaded information to become a network of people where any normal person who has a blog or a twitter/facebook account contributes to the Information Society in a better or worse manner. Because of this, a teacher must guide to their students when it comes to creating it and encourage them to build their PLE in relation to the contents of the subject he/she is teaching, making known the most relevant sites. In this way, one of the aforementioned key competences, learning to learn, is developed.

And now, click here to consult a PLE sample created from Symbaloo and focused on education (different resources), libraries (catalogues, blogs or publications), media (national and international information) and RSS headlines on different sites (teaching or ICT). Are you ready to share your sources? Try it!

For further information, I recommend this interesting video by a 7th grade Science student. Pay attention! It´s a perfect PLE!