LondonQuest 2.0: a different blogquest

A BlogQuest is a learning tool half-way between a Blog and a WebQuest. In this way, it uses the first one to publish online and the second one to promote its educational use. Therefore, the use of Information and Communication Technology is essential to develop the activity.

The BlogQuest presented below (see link) consists of Introduction, Tasks, Course, Resources, Assessment and Conclusion, the typical structure of such activities according to Isabel Pérez´s templates, a must for teachers of English, and according to the original idea of the WebQuest proposed by Bernie Dodge. It is aimed at 1st of Bachillerato students (1st Grade of Superior High School in Spain) and it would be related to the knowledge of other cultures or countries.

Have a look at this conceptual map to know what is coming and read on to know a different BlogQuest... This is LondonQuest 2.0... Welcome!

To take a look... and design your own Blogquest...

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