You Tube in your lessons

Well, this week I suggest working with one of the many videos of YouTube. You just need to think of a good topic, look for a good video and off you go! Keep reading!

Firstly, you are going to see a PowerPoint presentation, a perfect tool for guiding the discussion in the classroom and then, a YouTube video for watching and answering a few questions that you will find at the end of the presentation. And my topic, healthy food vs. fast food, a very important topic if we think of encouraging healthy eating habits at the school.

If you prefer it, you can upload videos from different sites and create your own quizzes on I talked about it last July. You can review it here (First video quiz: I have a dream, by ABBA) and create yours.

And if you are an intermediate or advanced student, no problem, write your opinion about this topic and show your extra homework to your teacher. I think it´s a good way to improve your English.

To watch the video click on link below...

I have used:
*A PowerPoint presentation
*PDF Creator to turn it into a PDF document